Archives for February 2012

Urgent notice from BBB

Received a complaint from the BBB. All I have to do is click on the link in the COMPLAINT REPORT and I will be on my way to fixing my BBB problem. Now I just need to download this complaint9984.pdf.exe to fix my complaint problem and wow that was easy, it’s all fixed now. This […]

Western Union Scam – MTCN====4148545819

Great day in the morning. Western Union has $5000 dollars ready for me to pick up. All i have to do is email Western union at westernunionpaymentoffice67 @ yahoo dot com dot hk and give that guy all my banking info so he can send me my money. Well, we all know Western Union does […]

Adobe Security Updates

Just got this one in an email today, Adobe Security Updates at (DO NOT VISIT¬†malicious payload of malware )¬† Adobe are warning customers about a series of scam E-Mails claiming to offer a bogus update to it’s Adobe Reader software. The senders claim to be genuine Adobe Reader Support representatives in the E-Mail but […]