Why do you backup with Gorillabackups.com

Over the past year, we have signed up 100’s of new members to GorillaBackups.com. So how do you backup your data? Do you put it on a flash drive? What do you do with the flash drive? I have seen some clients use external hard drives. Do you think that is safe? What if the […]

You have a new E-CARD message waiting

What a simple scam; a one line email that says: You have a new E-CARD Message Waiting: Click Here This email takes you to a website that tries to hijack your PC and tries to load a virus on your PC. Hover your mouse over the link to see where it goes. If the link is […]

FW: Info about the deactivation of your account

This is a scam to steal your facebook.com account. This email takes you to a website “not the real facebook” and ask you to use your user name and password, after taking your info then redirects you to the real facebook. The Scamers then hijacks your account and asks your fiends for money or just […]


We just got an email for Jason Gale of the FBI telling me I have 4.1 million dollars at the airport that has my name on it, WOW and all I have to do to send an email to the bogus FBI email address to find out how to get this money. Well, do we […]

SquirrelMail Scam

You have to know when you get an email that refers to you as Dear E-Mail User, that its not a real email to you. The scam this week looks like this: Dear E-Mail User Due to the package compromise of 1.4.11,1.4.12 and 1.4.13, we are forced to release 1.4.15 to ensure no confusions. While […]

FedEx Customer Service Scam

This is a email scam about a FedEx package. Inside is a zip file “FedEx_Invoice_Copy_N44-134.exe”  and it has a folder called document_  the document_ folder has 30 blank text files and a few docx files. All of the files are 0 bytes in size. Don’t click on the zip file or exe in the zip […]

Urgent notice from BBB

Received a complaint from the BBB. All I have to do is click on the link in the COMPLAINT REPORT and I will be on my way to fixing my BBB problem. Now I just need to download this complaint9984.pdf.exe to fix my complaint problem and wow that was easy, it’s all fixed now. This […]

Western Union Scam – MTCN====4148545819

Great day in the morning. Western Union has $5000 dollars ready for me to pick up. All i have to do is email Western union at westernunionpaymentoffice67 @ yahoo dot com dot hk and give that guy all my banking info so he can send me my money. Well, we all know Western Union does […]

Adobe Security Updates

Just got this one in an email today, Adobe Security Updates at adobe-updates.net (DO NOT VISIT malicious payload of malware )  Adobe are warning customers about a series of scam E-Mails claiming to offer a bogus update to it’s Adobe Reader software. The senders claim to be genuine Adobe Reader Support representatives in the E-Mail but […]

The mystery of Duqu

Duqu is a sophisticated Trojan which seems to have been written by the same people who created the infamous Stuxnet worm. Its main purpose is to act as a backdoor into the system and facilitate the theft of private information. This is the main difference when compared to Stuxnet, which was created to conduct industrial […]