Western Union Scam – MTCN====4148545819

Great day in the morning. Western Union has $5000 dollars ready for me to pick up. All i have to do is email Western union at westernunionpaymentoffice67 @ yahoo dot com dot hk and give that guy all my banking info so he can send me my money.
Well, we all know Western Union does not use yahoo.com.hk as an email address and do we really think anyone would ever send us money this way. The email you get back from this scam asks you to pay a tax up front for the money they are sending you. RED Flag! This is a very old scam where people would bring you a check for winning some money and then ask you to pay the tax before giving you the check.
Below is what this scam email looks like:

Good Day ,
Western Union wish to inform you the United Nation and (ECOWAS) have
instructed us to send you the sum of $300,000 USD. $5,000 has already
been sent to you as first collection. Sender Information’s HERE IS THE
Available MTCN for pick up by receiver BELOW.
Sender name===========Mary Orona
Test question======== WHAT COLOR
Test answer:============ blue
Amount======== == = $5,000 00
Traking via www.westernunion.com

Payment Contact Agent

Email: westernunionpaymentoffice67 @ yahoo.com.hk
Tel: +2347059515938

If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probably a scam.