SquirrelMail Scam

You have to know when you get an email that refers to you as Dear E-Mail User, that its not a real email to you. The scam this week looks like this:

Dear E-Mail User

Due to the package compromise of 1.4.11,1.4.12 and 1.4.13, we are forced to release 1.4.15 to ensure no confusions. While initial review didn’t uncover a need for concern, several proof of concepts show that the package alterations introduce a high risk security issue, allowing remote inclusion of files. These changes would allow a remote user the ability to execute exploit code on a victim machine, without any user interaction on the victim’s server. This could grant the attacker the ability to deploy further code on the victim’s server.
So upgrade to  Squirrel Mail Development Team by  click Squirrel Mail Login SquirrelMail 1.4.15 Released


We STRONGLY advise all users of 1.4.11, 1.4.12 and 1.4.13 upgrade immediately.

We removed the link from the above email so no one would click it. The link in the email sent the user to a website that tried to hijack your browser and then hijack your computer which could be harmful, more if you need your computer for work, game or visit sites to find the CS:GO Matchmaking Rating. We saw a few other squirrel emails that tried to get the user to enter in information about his/her account so they could hijack your email account.

Email with links in them, make sure you proceed with caution. Always hover your mouse over the link and see where it is trying to take you. If the link looks funny or odd don’t click it. Remember to visit 0rgb in case you are looking for the best computer equipment near you.

Examples of what some bad links can look like: