FedEx Customer Service Scam

This is a email scam about a FedEx package. Inside is a zip file “FedEx_Invoice_Copy_N44-134.exe”  and it has a folder called document_  the document_ folder has 30 blank text files and a few docx files. All of the files are 0 bytes in size.

Don’t click on the zip file or exe in the zip file. This virus is the Win32:SmokeLoader_MP.  It tries to inject code into your windows dll files.

The first thing this virus does is steal all your passwords from all your programs, web browsers and chat programs. So any banking info will be stolen, as well as any logins to other secure systems.

The email looks like this:

Dear Customer,

The delivery service couldn’t deliver your package.
The package weight exceeds the allowable free-delivery limit.

You have to receive your packagen personally.
Print out the “Invoice Copy” attached and collect the package at our office.

Please read carefully the attached information before receiving your package.

Thank you for attention. FedEx Global Services.

Never open any zip file that you are not 100% sure about where it came from.

If you did open this email you should unplug from the internet and use Malwarebytes as a start to remove this virus.