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I got a lot of email about this virus the past few days. this is a very old virus. the virus clams to burn your hard drive. The POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK virus alert is a HOAX I am just letting you know about this because its been an email joke going around. now it you […]

Jessica Alba unwrapped – Drive by virus website

Jessica Alba unwrapped is a website that hijacks your pc, steals your contact list, steals your identity if you have friends that send you joke type websites look out for this one, you may have to reformat your pc and/or have your identity stolen. the website is  www arguebump ru    its a russian website.

ThinkPoint Antivirus

The “ThinkPoint” virus is one of many rogue antivirus applications which have been released onto the Internet. These infections work by installing a rogue software program onto your computer which pretends to scan through your system and identify various “viruses”. Unfortunately, this program is totally fake, and has been designed to both con you into […]

Facebook Virus

Over the past few days if you pressed a dislike button on Facebook your pc would have become infected. Facebook does not have a dislike button. You might see messages posted on your wall saying, “Get the official DISLIKE button NOW” Don’t do it, its a scam. If you do give the app permission to […]

What contest was that again?

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a winner! Wait a minute..  How can I be a winner if I didn’t enter? Get an email saying you won, but you can’t recall ever entering the contest? Good news! You don’t have to open those emails. If you do, chances are you just won a virus for your computer. If you […]