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Credit Inquiries email lists

Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information An email is going around that try’s to sell you mailing lists for This week only for a very low price of $99. This is a big […]

Bogus Bank Emails

Bank emails. Beware of fake emails from bad people claiming to be PNC or other banks. The emails in question will lead you to a fake website and ask for you card number, name and other info to hijack your life. Never give out credit card info when asked by anyone to verify your bank […]

Bogus email from IRS

Email Subject : EFTPS ONLINE THE ESAIEST WAY TO PAY YOUR FEDREAL TAXES Don’t click on any links in the email. They are redirect links that takes you to a website that can hijack your pc and steal your identity. Remember the Government doesn’t send you emails.

Gmail Account Hacks

Gmail account hack’s are on the rise! if you have a simple password on your gmail account ie. dog11 sam123 please help yourself by using more complex passwords that DONT use your birthdays or pets names. When you need some information about letter for emotional support dog, check out this website If your gmail […]

Bad Spelling in Email

Email Subject: Improve iyour fsnancei with youur draems onlnie As you can see the spelling is bad, most virus have bad spelling to get by your spam protection. Don’t open emails that take you to other websites or that have zip files in them.

UPS Shipment Status

Email Subject: “UPS Shipment Status NR30447” from United States Postal ( has a zip file that has a virus and/or tries to trick you into giving info to a website to steal your identity.

Just for you

Email subject “Just For you” and says “This is The Free Download Sex Movies,you can find it Here.” If a user clicks the link and downloads the virus, it spreads to contacts in that individual’s e-mail account and continues to propagate so just delete these.

False Documents

Beware of this in your inbox for the next few days or weeks the subject of the email is: “Hello: This is The Document I told you about, you can find it here” and includes a link that appears to be a pdf document.

Resume Zip Files

Look out for emails that have a subject of “Replace the old resume with the new one which is attached” it has an virus in it, the file is an zip file with it in it. Remember to only open zip files in email that you are sure are virus free.