Why do you backup with Gorillabackups.com

Over the past year, we have signed up 100’s of new members to GorillaBackups.com. So how do you backup your data? Do you put it on a flash drive? What do you do with the flash drive? I have seen some clients use external hard drives. Do you think that is safe? What if the drive fails, gets lost or drops? All of your backup data is gone.  What if your computer crashes and you lose your backup drive at the same time?

You need to have your data backed up off site each day. Think if you lost your Quickbooks and your last backup was 2 months ago. You need a backup every day. There are many services out there to backup your data to the cloud. If you don’t use Gorillabackups.com please use some other service that works for your business, and if you have employees, using a software like payroll check template is a great option for this. You can also consider acid transactions database for a great data management software.

If you need help getting a backup in place just call Glenn today 859-816-2666 and he will be glad to help you.