Fedex has a package and check for me

I got a phone call today from Fedex telling me i have a lost package with a check in it, they are sorry they had to open the package to see who to call. after they open the package they told me they found a check for a large amount of money and thats how they got my name and number. All i had to do is give them my credit card number so they could charge me a small shipping and handling charge to return my box and check to me.

1. this is an old email type scam turned into a phone call

2. do any of use really think we have a lost check in the mail

3. just because some one in an email or phone call says they are from Fedex and have money for you, we should think about that.

The scammer on the phone thought he was very good, he knew my name, address of my business and email address. you know the info on my web page and thought greed would do the rest. I have been working in IT for 30 years now and I have seen this type of scam over and over for the last 15 years.

Well, I told the person in so many words to get lost and then check the caller ID is see if it was Fedex’s number, Nope. Then I called the FBI and gave them the caller ID from  the call, it was a fake  number and they just noted the scam. not much they can do without more info.The FBI told me the this type of scam is running wild right now.

So if anyone asks for money for shipping and handling so you can get a check from them to you from a phone call or email think about it and DON’T do it. They just what your money.