How We Started

We started our web hosting in January 1997 making affordable websites for startups, small, and large businesses. After hosting our work with other hosting companies we were very disappointed with them. We started software-n-stuff, which later became LLC. We feel that all website owners should not be overcharged for hosting.

We at LLC own our servers. We build and maintain them. Keeping them up to date with the lastest OS and tools. Each server is built for performance and reliability. We have built many web servers for different companies, schools, and goverment offices.

The bottom line is, we build web servers that give you better hosting at the lowest cost to you.

Based in Verona, Kentucky, LLC is an internet application developer that also provides sophisticated web hosting service. With extensive experience in database development and networking, we utilize our skills to create timely, comprehensive solutions for our corporate clientele.

Our ideology is simple. We create effective and robust corporate internet presences utilizing the most current technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

Interested in starting an online business? Looking to expand your business beyond the walls of your store? It’s easier than you think. Do you need to grow your web site to keep up with your growing business? Looking for opportunities to strengthen customer relationships through enhanced web site features? You have arrived at the right place, LLC.

We build CGI, PHP, and Java scripts to help your business grow. Back-end CGI programming is essentially a program which runs on your server and can include order processing, database information retrieval and storage, traffic analysis, and almost anything else you can think of. CGI stands for “Common Gateway Interface” and means interaction between a static web page and the program on your server.

Besides adding interactivity to the customers visit, CGI, PHP, and Java programs can also save your company time and money. Due to the complexity of custom programming, pricing is only available once design specifications have been determined.

Call us at 859.816.2666 for more infomation about your web needs.