Computer Forensics

When an expert witness is needed, call on American Computer Solutions.  Our Expert Witness Service provides testimony, documentation, and witness preparation to assist with presenting discovered electronic data in legal proceedings.

American Computer Solutions provides law firms, independent prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies with start-to-finish data recovery.  Various types of electronic data may be considered as critical evidence in a case.  We can recover the following types of data:

  • email – exchange caches – archive files
  • calendar files – archive files
  • spreadsheets – lock – password protected
  • websites – web browser history and/or internet cache
  • viruses – spyware – malware – crime-ware
  • audio files of any format
  • images of any format

The electronic data recovery experts at American Computer Solutions have the tools needed to retrieve your vital data from hard drives, despite drive crashes and formatted, erased, or damaged data.  To discuss your situation with a Computer Forensics Investigator, call (859) 816-2666 or contact us today.