American Airlines manager.id85359

Here we go, I got my FREE airline ticket in my email today and look, they would like me to open a zip file and click on the ticket.exe file. We all know by now never open a zip file or run a program from inside of a zip file unless you know who sent it to you and what it does. 99% of the time we should just delete an email like this.

I sent this scam to AA today with no response from them, I did not see any warning on there website about this scam either.

Ticket.exe is a Trojan.Win32.Jorik.MokesLoader.jq that modifies the system settings to perform malicious acts on the targeted system.

ELECTRONIC 301848172
DATE & TIME / JANUARY 24, 2012, 10:22 AM
ARRIVING / Charlotte

Please find your ticket attached.
To use your ticket you should print it.

Thank you for using our airline company services.
American Airlines.


Never open a zip file it you are not 100% sure what it is.

Make sure you update your AV software, this virus is only a few days old.